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Sea CaveS — EPK

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Sea Caves' newest release, rich with intricate instrumentation, catchy melodies, and driving rhythms, is interwoven with Rohrs’ dreamy vocals and themes exploring disconnection and the longing for things both past and yet to be known. 


Sea Caves is:

Sydney Rohrs: vocals

Shiloh Halsey: guitar/keys/flute/vocals

Cameron Jones (of Pinback and Physics): drums/vocals

Jason Crowgey: bass


Behind the scenes, the production team includes Shiloh, Cameron, and Mike Cresswell, a Latin Grammy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated mixer, engineer, and producer known for his work with a diverse range of artists including Sun Kil Moon, Céu, Mike Patton, Blackalicious, and Lyrics Born.   


In late 2019, Sea Caves released Across the Water, receiving glowing reviews and a dedicated fanbase. As momentum was building and they were set to embark on a West Coast tour, the pandemic brought a quick halt to their plans. During this time, as some relations frayed and others grew, Sydney Rohrs and Shiloh Halsey kept meeting at the park and writing songs, and a new album began to take shape. The result is a set of heartfelt songs colored with rich instrumentation, lush harmonies, and catchy melodies, all interwoven with Rohrs’ soaring vocals and themes exploring the disconnection from community and family and the longing for things both past and yet to be known. 

Everything Moves, the first single and the title track of their upcoming album, is an homage to Rohrs’ grandmother. It’s a reflection on the paths they’ve walked—parallel in many ways yet separated by 80 years—and it’s a nod to the different faces we present to the world. 


Sydney speaks to the significance of Everything Moves, “I wanted to write a song to honor this other part of her… not just her as a mother or a grandmother, but as a young woman exploring the world, making mistakes, falling in love, and getting engaged on the rainy trails above Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge.” 


This sentiment permeates the song and is best exemplified in the mountainous chorus: “ferns unfurling / everything moves with wind / now I walk here / wearing your memory / and I set a course / set a course after you.”


At its heart, Sea Caves is a collaboration. “We all bring something to this work,” Shiloh explains, “whether it’s me bringing the basic framework of a song, Sydney bringing a notebook of lyrics and ideas, or Cameron or Jason lifting the mood through harmony or rhythm, it all gets bounced through the Sea Caves universe and comes out as something far different from what was put in.” 


It’s this partnership that creates the sound of Sea Caves, where distinct atmospheres and the dichotomies of raw exposure and layered intensity combine to make something truly unique. 

Release timeframe

June 12, 2024 — Everything Moves release

Mid and late summer 2024 — Two more tracks released

Fall 2024 — Album release

Press for Sea Caves' previous album, Across the Water

"It’s impossible not to become mesmerized by stand-out tracks like “Hieroglyphs” and “Dart." –Portland Mercury   


"It’s one part Iron & Wine and one part Fleet Foxes with a dashing of Sufjan Stevens all rolled into one." –The Revue

"The band lets Sydney Rohrs’ angelic vocals come front and center, layering in delicate harmonies throughout the songs. Rich instrumentation on the part of all band members gives the album a dreamy feel that rocks at times as songs swell and break like waves."⁠ –Glide Magazine

"A fresh take on an already established genre....a unique, moody, and charismatic record that stands out in a city full of artists hoping to do the same." –Eleven Magazine


"Dart is a great example of taking a well-trodden sound and adding an interesting twist to it – I’ve rarely heard a dream-pop song use the schaffel rhythm up until hearing this song. –Fresh on the Net


"Rohrs’ voice, a little reminiscent of the late Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan, adds a gorgeous gloss to the group’s wistful song." –Oregon Public Broadcasting

"Lush and expansive" –Atwood Magazine

"Woodsy adventurism working within the elegant confines of expansive indie rock sounds." –Austin Town Hall

“Intricate arrangements powered by vivacious songwriting” –Heave Media 

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