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Sea Caves

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Sea Caves recently released Across the Water, with releases featured in Glide Magazine, Atwood Magazine, OPB,, The Week in Pop, Portland Mercury and Willamette Week. 

"The album finds the long-running Portland band expanded to a quintet, with newly added member Sydney Rohrs adding a voice that effortlessly ebbs and flows over the band’s twinkling indie pop sound. It’s impossible not to become mesmerized by stand-out tracks like “Hieroglyphs” and “Dart,” where Rohrs’ fluttering and heartfelt presence calls to mind Sheena Ozzella (of the veteran Buffalo-based indie rockers Lemuria)." –Portland Mercury

Sea Caves is:

Sydney Rohrs – vocals, flute

Shiloh Halsey – vocals, guitar, flute
Cameron Jones – vocals, drums 
Jason Crowgey – bass


Sea Caves [A] 8954 LANDSCAPE smaller.png




"Lush and expansive" –Atwood Magazine

"The band lets Sydney Rohrs’ angelic vocals come front and center, layering in delicate harmonies throughout the songs. Rich instrumentation on the part of all band members gives the album a dreamy feel that rocks at times as songs swell and break like waves."⁠  –Glide Magazine

"It’s impossible not to become mesmerized by stand-out tracks like “Hieroglyphs” and “Dart." –Portland Mercury

"Last year, the band dropped Across the Water, a dynamic record that darts frequently toward more progressive, experimental rock territory. The electric guitar leads throughout, with deft riffs the rest of the band operates beautifully around." –Willamette Week

"It’s one part Iron & Wine and one part Fleet Foxes with a dashing of Sufjan Stevens all rolled into one stunning and alluring track." –The Revue

"A fresh take on an already established genre....a unique, moody, and charismatic record that stands out in a city full of artists hoping to do the same." –Eleven Magazine

"Dart is a great example of taking a well-trodden sound and adding an interesting twist to it – I’ve rarely heard a dream-pop song use the schaffel rhythm up until hearing this song. –Fresh on the Net

“Intricate arrangements powered by vivacious songwriting” –Heave Media

"Rohrs’ voice, a little reminiscent of the late Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan, adds a gorgeous gloss to the group’s wistful song." –Oregon Public Broadcasting

"Woodsy adventurism working within the elegant confines of expansive indie rock sounds." –Austin Town Hall


 1-9-2020 // Portland, OR // Holocene

12-13-2019 // Eugene, OR // Sam Bond's Garage

12-7-2019 // Seattle, WA // Cafe Racer

12-6-2019 // Seattle, WA // Sofar

11-23-2019 // Olympia, WA // Octapas

11-16-2019 // Portland, OR // Bunk Bar

8-30-2019 // Portland, OR // Doug Fir



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